Avaya L159 Headset

Avaya L159 Headset

Avaya L159 Headset:Top-range binaural headset. Bluetooth interface with smartphone for calls and music streaming.

Part overview


• Rotating microphone boom arm that can be worn on
the left or right side
• Adjustable headband and microphone that provides
a customized fit
• High resolution audio
• Bluetooth
• Touch sensor with primary functions

Connecting the headset to a personal computer

1. Plug the USB connector.
• At the first instance, the taskbar displays a pop-up message. The message includes information that the headset is connected and ready for use.
• The Play/Pause key on the headset changes its
status to .
The Play/Pause key changes its status only if you have installed the Avaya Setup Tool on your computer.
2. (Optional) If you are using Windows 7, at the first plug in, set the Avaya L159 Headset as the default device.
a. Navigate to Control Panel > Sound Settings.
b. Select the Avaya L159 Headset.


The headset has built-in Bluetooth for pairing the headset with a mobile device. When the headset is not paired with a mobile device, the Bluetooth status remains off.

Pairing the headset with a mobile device

1. On the Avaya L100 Touch Controller with Bluetooth, press and hold the Bluetooth logo for 5 seconds. You can hear the voice prompt “Pairing,” and the Bluetooth indicator starts flashing alternately blue and red.
2. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device.
3. Search for nearby Bluetooth devices and select the headset.
You can hear the voice prompt “Connected,” and the Bluetooth indicator changes from to solid red .