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Digital Station 8 Card

Digital Station 8 Card

Avaya Ip Office 500 Digital Station 8 Card

The Avaya IP500 Digital Station 8 carry additional digital station ports for your Avaya IP500 system.

Avaya IP500 Digital Station 8 Provides 12 RJ45 ports. The initial 8 ports are DS ports for the association of Avaya networking telephones. It very well may be fitted with an IP500 trunk interface card that utilizes the extra 4 ports for trunk associations. It can deal with most extreme 3 for every IP500 control unit.

It is Compatible with IP500 Control Unit running IP Office R5.0 or higher and IP500 V2 Control Unit running IP Office R6.0 or higher or IP Office Partner Version and furthermore with 9500 arrangement advanced telephones on IP Office R7.0 or higher.It can be utilized with 1400, 2400, 5400, and 6400 arrangement computerized phones.