IP Office 500 Cards

IP Office 500 Base Cards

Avaya IP office control unit has 4 slots for the insertion of cards. We can design our PBX system accordingly our business requirement. Every IT professionals has to think cost- effective design for their Enterprise Telephony. This card is capable to convert circuit to packet switching and vice versa using digital signaling processor. We supply and installs IP office cards in Dubai at best price

IP Office has 4 card slots

We have two types of cards

  • Base cards
  • Daughter card

Base cards are located at the front panel side and easy to connect analog and digital network. For connecting Avaya Digital phones, we required Avaya 8 port Digital station card. Analog card is coming with 2 ports and 8 ports option. Voice compression channel cards are available depending on the number of voice channel processing capacity. Combination cards provide trunk ports for communicating with PSTN Network.

Daughter Card is the add on card of base card. It is capable to connect Digital and trunk to PBX system. Which help to integrate trunk connection with Internet Telephony service providers.

The following base cards are available: